Brothers who brutally murdered ‘nice young man’ & buried him under trash, did so to ‘gain street cred’: Prosecutors

6 days ago

Lakeland news, Florida news.

New details emerged regarding the violent murder of a Lakeland man who vanished earlier this month and was found buried under a pile of trash six days later.

After a lengthy manhunt, Lakeland Police have arrested the two brothers suspected of killing Danne Frazier, 21, and robbing his car and his credit card on Nov. 4.

“He was brutally murdered and then dumped in an orange grove, and his family deserves justice,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Frazier’s remains were discovered in a remote area near Lake Wales on Nov. 10. Jo and Angel Lobato, 19 and 18, were charged with first-degree murder, robbery, and other charges in connection with the killing.

During questioning, the brothers told detectives that they first met their victim three weeks prior to the murder. He had helped Jo bandage an injury and was helpful towards them.

But since Jo and Angel Lobato decided he should be murdered, and lured him to his death at a nearby park where they showed up armed.

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  • Jo stabbed Frazier with a knife so hard that it broke while his brother shattered his head with a baseball bat.

    “Danny’s just being a good kid and wanted to comfort somebody who had an injury. Meanwhile, these two rascals right here planned to murder him just so they could have street cred,” Judd said.

    “They bragged about it. They talked about how…they have street cred, they have their stripes, and they would be respected on the streets because they’d done this murder.”

    The brothers drove Frazier to the secluded field where he would later be found, hidden in an orange grove and buried in trash.

    “When we interviewed them, they were pure evil in the flesh. They murdered a really nice young man,” Judd added.

    A friend of the siblings was also arrested for helping them steal money from the victim’s bank account using his robbed credit card.