Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., announces positive diagnosis for coronavirus

2 months ago

US news.

Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday night and asked his supporters for recommendations of e-books to kill time while in quarantine.

“Got the Rona. I’m totally asymptomatic,” President Trump’s eldest son wrote alongside a video he posted on Instagram.

“Going to give it a couple days of quarantine and follow the protocols then get retested in case it was a false positive as I feel and have felt totally fine.”

The 42-year-old added that he took the coronavirus test out of “an abundance of precaution” ahead of a planned father-son trip.

“No symptoms, nothing. So, it’s a little bit odd. Maybe it’s a false positive, maybe not.”

At the end of his video, Don Jr. asked his supporters for e-books or Netflix recommendations to spend time.

“I may have a couple days of solo time and there’s only so many guns I can clean.”

His spokesperson confirmed the news later on the day: “Don tested positive at the start of the week and has been quarantining out at his cabin since the result.”

“He’s been completely asymptomatic so far and is following all medically recommended COVID-19 guidelines.”