Terminally ill Alabama man calls 911, confesses to murder he committed 25 years ago

2 months ago

Decatur news, Alabama news.

A remorseful Alabama man called 911 to report an old homicide he committed 25 years ago when he fatally shot a 26-year-old man he never met.

Johnny Dwight Whited, 53, wanted to “get it off his chest” after learning that he was terminally ill and called police on Wednesday to confess to the fatal shooting of Christopher Alvin Dailey.

“Despite the extensive investigation, a suspect was never developed in the case,” Decatur Police said. “In the years that followed, the case was revisited several times for leads.”

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  • But Dailey’s murder case went cold until Wednesday when Whited gave detectives details of the crime and even accompanied them to the wooded area where his victim was found in 1994 and re-enacted the events.

    “I’ve never had a situation where I just pick up the phone and I have a call like that,” Detective Sean Mukaddam said.

    “Nothing where the suspect calls me out of the blue and wants to confess. He was embarrassed about certain things. He wanted to get it off his chest.”

    Whites was charged with murder and as of Friday was being held on a $15,000 bond.