Utah father dies in fatal crash after calling son to confess to murder of wife: ‘I’ll see you in hell!’

9 days ago

Weber County news, Utah news.

Utah authorities came upon a wanted man when they responded to reports of a fatal crash on Thursday night.

The victim of the crash was identified as 53-year-old Scott William Russell. He was on his way to Colorado to see his son after he told him on the phone that he killed his wife.

Russell was described as “dangerous and armed” after the lifeless body of his wife was discovered shot five times in the back, including in the base of her skull.

The suspect then called his son and was behaving “erratically” and “repeating statements on the phone.”

“Scott repeatedly told his son that he was going to come to his state to give him a hug and other strange statements like how Scott’s soul was on the line,” court documents read.

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  • The son overheard Russell arguing with his wife before shots rang out and a door slammed. The father picked up the phone and continued the call.

    “Scott’s son was very concerned at this point as Scott’s erratic behavior increased and he continued to repeat incoherent statements.”

    “Scott again spoke about coming to meet his son and told him that he was going to do so because he would be going to prison. Scott’s son asked him about the victim again and Scott told him that he shot the victim.”

    The father would later end the call by telling his son “I’ll see you in hell!!”

    Investigators determined that Scott’s car had apparently slid off the highway and rolled over before landing in an embankment. The cause of the crash may be speeding or weather conditions.