‘Clear suspect’ in Colorado serial murders arrested at New Mexico motel

5 month ago

Gallup news, New Mexico news.

Colorado authorities have arrested the “clear suspect” in a series of murders that terrified the residents of the rural town Los Sauces this week.

26-year-old Adre “Psycho” Baroz was arrested at a motel in Gallup, New Mexico just hours after an intensive manhunt was launched to locate him on Wednesday.

Psycho is the felon who allegedly perpetrated at least three murders in two separate abandoned properties from where cars and equipment were also stolen.

The three sets of human remains are being identified and authorities said that the process would take weeks due to decomposition.

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  • Baroz was labeled as “extremely dangerous to the community” prior to his arrest. He was previously convicted of theft and assault and served more than two years behind bars.

    The suspected serial murderer had several open cases for obstruction, drugs, assault, and weapon offenses.

    Detectives are working to link missing person reports from the Alamosa and Monte Vista areas with the human remains but urged people to wait for their investigation results.

    “We are not associating (the victims) with the missing persons cases at this time and for anyone to do so would be irresponsible…pure speculation,” police said.