Colorado police searching for ‘Psycho’ suspect in serial killings: ‘He really is a danger to community’

2 months ago

Los Sauces news, Colorado news.

Colorado authorities are joining forces in their search for an accused murder nicknamed “Psycho” whom they said is behind several killings and thefts in Conejos County.

In a news conference, Alamosa police Chief Ken Anderson identified the suspect as 26-year-old Adre Jordan Baroz and labeled him as very dangerous.

“When I say he is a danger to the community, I really mean he is a danger to the community,” the official said.

Psycho is accused of perpetrating at least three murders after human remains sets belonging to three persons were found in two abandoned properties in rural Los Sauces.

Authorities said that identifying the remains will take time due to their advanced state of decomposition.

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  • They also added that the search of the two properties was not over and additional remains could still be found.

    Equipment and cars were stolen from the properties which led to the investigation that revealed the remains.

    The officials declined to describe Baroz as a “serial killer” claiming it was “too early to categorize.”

    The suspect had spent jail time in the past when he served a two-and-a-half-year sentence.

    Five agencies are working to locate Psycho including Sheriff’s Offices of Conejos, Saguache, Alamosa, and Monte Vista counties in addition to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.