Ex-boyfriend, classmate lured 17-year-old girl to heavily wooded area, beat her to death with aluminum baseball bat

6 month ago

Newark news, Delaware news.

Delaware authorities said that another suspect has been charged in Madison Sparrow’s murder case.

On Monday, police arrested Annika Stalczynski in connection with her classmate’s killing after her bloodied body was discovered in a heavily wooded area on Oct. 3.

Days later, Sparrow’s 19-year-old ex-boyfriend, Noah Sharp, was named the main suspect in the case. He allegedly admitted to the crime.

Sharp and Stalczynski lured the 17-year-old victim to the secluded area before beating her to death with an aluminum baseball bat and running away.

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  • Sharp told officers where they could find Sparrow’s corpse. At the scene, the aluminum bat was also recovered, spattered with blood.

    Both suspects were hit with a slew of charges including first-degree murder, possession of a deadly weapon, and first-degree conspiracy.

    The motive behind the grisly murder remains unclear.

    “In a dark world, you need people that are light,” a friend of the victim said. “It just helps you process through life’s challenges and wherever you are, you need people like Madison.”