QAnon mom shot and killed own lawyer because she believed he conspired to take daughters away

6 days ago

Ocala news, Florida news.

A Florida mom has fatally shot the lawyer she supported and chose to bring her daughters to her after doubting he was involved in “a deep state conspiracy” to deny her custody.

Neely Petrie-Blanchard was charged with the murder of 50-year-old Chris Hallet, an E-clause amateur legal expert who offered to help her regain her daughters’ custody.

The 33-year-old QAnon believer was very supportive of the lawyer that she would wear Clause shirts along with her 7-year-old daughters and visit him at him. She put an ‘ECLAUSE’ license plate on her car.

But on the day leading to his murder, Petrie-Blanchard and Hallett’s friendship began to vanish, for unknown reasons.

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  • “According to eyewitnesses, Petrie-Blanchard was the person who had shot Hallett, because she believed he was unable to help her regain custody of her children,” police said.

    “She’s one of these people who claim they’re not part of the US-sovereign people. They don’t believe any of the laws apply to them.”

    Hallett was found face down in his kitchen on Sunday with several gunshot wounds.

    The QAnon conspiracy theory pushes followers to believe a Great Awakening is coming to bring salvation and other intertwined beliefs posted by “Q” anonymous web who claims to have insider knowledge of the government.

    Petrie-Blanchard was facing two counts of custodial interference and one count of being persistent when she hired Hallett.