‘Emotionless’ parents left unwanted infant to die in field; Remains never found

16 days ago

Kenosha news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin couple who “didn’t have an emotional connection” with their infant daughter has intentionally left her to die in a wooded area.

Both Hezile Frison, 37, and his 22-year-old girlfriend, Monica Adams, were found guilty of willingly abandoning Jalissa Adams-Frison in a field back in 2019.

A few months after the baby’s birth, the couple placed her in the care of a family member.

In August 2019, they picked-up Jelissa from the relative’s house as she slept.

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  • They later returned to the home without the baby and became “argumentative” when the relative confronted them on her whereabouts.

    Frison was cooperative with authorities and told police they could find Jalissa’s remains in a Kenosha field.

    Until now, the search for the remains did not reveal anything.

    Prior to the 2-month-old’s disappearance, Frison made odd searches on the web such as “what type of animals are found in Kenosha” and “what is the only way a parent cannot go to jail if a baby dies.”

    The heartless parents were sentenced to two and a half years in jail and are facing additional charges including failure to report the death of a child.