Mom intentionally left infant son to die in hot car as she suffered postpartum depression

3 month ago

Knoxville news, Alabama news.

The defense attorney of a Tennessee mom accused of leaving her infant to die in a hot car has on Friday asked a judge to suppress some evidence against her.

More than a year ago, Chantae Armstrong has deliberately left her 6-month-old son to perish in a hot car as temperatures reached 95 degrees.

Jovany Morales died on August 9, 2019, of hypothermia and his skin was blistering, according to doctors.

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  • Armstrong has been diagnosed with postpartum depression and was on medication until shortly before the baby’s death.

    Jovany’s father told deputies that he was receiving threatening messages from Armstrong who warned him she would kill the three of them because “she couldn’t handle it anymore.”

    Armstrong has initially claimed that she just forgot the baby inside the car and went shopping.

    Her first-degree murder trial is scheduled to start in July 2021.