Human body discovered burning on pile of wreckage in San Francisco ill-famed area

1 month ago

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Authorities in San Francisco made a gruesome discovery early Sunday as they patrolled the area between Minna and Natoma streets.

At around 4:30 a.m., officers realized that a person was burning on the top of a debris pile on Russ Street that they initially believed was a random fire.

“Officers on patrol saw a fire, thought it was a debris fire,” Sgt. Anthony Pedroza said. “They came up and saw it was a person. It was an obvious death to them.

They called the paramedics…There are no witnesses yet.”

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  • The San Francisco Police Department secured the scene and called paramedics. Surveillance footage from surrounding buildings was also obtained for the investigation.

    The Department’s Major Crimes Division has considered the incident as suspicious. The victim’s identity and cause of death are being determined.

    According to neighbors, the area where the body was found is known for poverty, crimes, and homelessness. At one point, authorities proceeded to remove makeshift housing and tents that dotted that very street.

    “It actually kind of blows my mind that it happened a couple of feet right from where I sleep at, you know,” a homeless told reporters.