Will Trump use Giuliani’s ‘hard-drive from hell’ against Biden in Today’s debate?

3 month ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

In a striking similarity with the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump’s campaign chose a critical moment to release incriminating documents against his Democratic rival, less than two weeks ahead of the D-Day.

The President will face Joe Biden tonight in their last debate, and it seems evident Rudy Giuliani’s hard-drive revelations are on the menu.

Though Trump’s personal lawyer admits to stealing the secret-information from Hunter Biden’s laptops that he inadvertently dropped at a repair shop, Trump is still thrilled to have the leaks that “make crooked Hillary Clinton look like an amateur.”

Giuliani also promised Americans that he is “preparing much bigger dumps off of the hard drive from hell,” for the upcoming days.

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  • The emails, first and only mentioned by Trump-friendly The New York Post, reportedly prove that Biden met with Ukrainian adviser Vadym Pozharskyi thanks to Hunter.

    Another message exchange in 2017 hints to Biden, referred to by the “Big Guy”, dealing with Chinese companies and sharing “equity and profits.”

    But what Giuliani and his allies couldn’t prove the authenticity of the leaks, or the wrongdoing on them especially as they refuse to share the documents with other outlets and lawmakers.

    The timing of the allegations and the disturbing silence of Hunter Biden and his father over the story make it “sound suspicious.”

    “I think the best thing to do is to let the professionals look it over and give us their opinion,” Senator Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham said earlier this week.