Pennsylvania woman, 61, left blind after acid attack while on her way to draw blood

3 month ago

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The family and acquaintances of Helen Jones, a Philadelphia phlebotomist, ask people to help the now blind grandmother to cover up her treatment bills and disability costs.

On October 6, the 61-year-old headed to her car that was parked in front of her residence on her way to draw blood for a local nursing home.

There, a face-masked man approached her: “Hey; Are you good?” he said. Jones turned to respond when he splashed chlorosulfuric acid at her eyes and ran away.

A GoFundMe Page set by Jones’ daughter said that the victim has completely lost her eyesight.

“Our family was not prepared for such devastation,” Aneesha Summerville said.

“She has a number of medical bills, trauma therapy needs, appointments daily prescriptions, and disability service needs that are adding up quickly.”

“We are establishing this fund to help us navigate the endless bills and devastation this unknown masked man has caused Helen and our family,” Aneesha added.