Woman nodded for entire-hour during Trump’s NBC town hall event

7 month ago

Miami news, Florida news.

A mysterious woman has stolen the light spot from the President during Thursday NBC town hall as she continuously nodded to his replies.

The woman who was sat behind Trump appeared supporting him, nodding, clapping over her head, and giving thumbs-up.

Many social media users commented on the devout supporters following the event: “I don’t know who the woman with the red mask is behind @realDonaldTrump but I’m becoming a huge fan of her agreement head shakes when the president answers questions,” Ex-FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam wrote.

“I wish I had someone who believed me the way that woman with red mask believes Trump. We could all be so lucky,” another Twitter user said.

Media sources identified the woman as Mayra Joli. She won beauty competitions five times and ran for Congress in 2018, inspired by Trump.

Following the event, her favorite candidate asked her where she was from. She replied: “I’m from the Dominican Republican, but I’m American.”