Washington mom hired teen, 17, to kill husband to get disabled son’s trust fund: ‘Is she crazy? Without a doubt’

7 month ago

King County news, Washington news.

A Washington man has miraculously escaped death after a murder-for-hire plot that was carried by two teens and his ex-wife, King County Police said.

The investigation revealed that Joshua Good, 17, and his teenage friend Quincy Mendez were paid $13,000 to get rid of 48-year-old Baron Li. The hit-teens fired nine shots at Li, several of them after he lost consciousness, but without damaging any vital organ or artery.

The man who was supposed to be a dead victim survived to become a witness that didn’t think twice about the person who can do that: His ex-wife Shaerin Kelley, 30.

“Did I know she was crazy? Did I know she was capable of doing this? Of course, without a doubt,” Li said.

The couple was in a bitter custody dispute over their 6-year-old son who had suffered brain damage when he was a baby and was granted a trust fund from a settlement, Li added.

“The real target’s not me, I was in the way. The target’s my son and I’m glad he’s going to be safe now,” he said referring to Kelley who was after his money.

The kind-hearted man said that he forgave the teens because they are “kids,” but insisted that “the real crime is her.”

Kelley and her accomplices were charged with attempted first-degree murder.

The teens are being prosecuted as adults with their arraignment set for October 26.