‘Dome-like hole’ tattoo confuses social media after artist posted pic of pal’s head on Instagram

3 month ago

St. George news, Utah news.

A Utah tattoo artist knew how to take advantage of his friend’s baldness when he turned the man’s skull into a confusing optical illusion.

“Did a crazy thing on my friend Ryan today…” Matt Pehrson, the Zion Tattoo Company artist commented on a photo of the weird masterpiece he posted on Instagram.

“We have a lot left to finish on his dome,” the gifted tattoo artist said asking his followers to leave their judgments.

Ryan’s head appeared in the photo as if he had a huge dome-like hole in the back. The large black strips combined with his natural skin gives the impression the center of the skull was deformed.

Pehrson added a wonderful shading technique that accentuated the reality effect. Although it was initially posted in April, it was only recently that the eye-catching artwork gained attention.

“That is just plain weird. Greta but weird at the same time,” an Instagram user said.

“Literally looks like he has a hole in the back of his head, good job,” another commented. “This is the most insane optical illusion.”

Many followers have asked Pehron to post the achieved work that has made his hairless pal’s head go viral.