Florida authorities detonate explosive-filled pumpkin left activated underneath power line

7 days ago

Starke news, Florida news.

Bomb-squad officials and law enforcement rushed in time to the scene where reports located a mysterious pumpkin that turned out to be an explosive device.

The pumpkin was found behind a Tractor Supply underneath power lines in Starke on Wednesday afternoon and it contained 2lbs of explosive material.

“The explosive material is inside of a pumpkin located directly beneath some power lines,” authorities said on Facebook.

“Due to the substance being activated, Stark Fire Engine 1, Bradford County Rescue and Bradford County Fire are all assisting with making the area safe, while the Alachua Bomb Squad is responding to dispose of the explosive threat.”

Later on, the Starke Police Department updated the story on Facebook: “The Alachua County Bomb Squad arrived on the scene and determined the device to be explosive.”

“The Bomb Squad then detonated the device in place rendering the area safe again.”

The news came as residents started to panic, with some of them describing being near the scene where the suspicious pumpkin was placed.

“I was there when the guy was talking to the police about it. He pointed that way but I figured there was a guy stealing, not a bomb. Oh Lord if I knew that I wouldn’t have shopped there and turned around. Wow,” one said.

The investigation continues to determine the motive and persons behind the incident with detectives seeking people’s help through their special criminal unit that can be reached at (904)964-5400.