Break-in suspect forced way into Mass. Governor’s residence; left chilling note

8 days ago

Boston news, Massachusetts news.

A Boston man broke into the residence of the Republican governor, Charlie Baker, and left a disturbing letter in the kitchen while his family was inside, reports said.

On Wednesday, Lane Forman managed to enter Baker Swampscott’s house which is almost half an hour from Boston. He moved to the kitchen after breaking through an open door.

At that time, authorities said, the Governor’s wife and their daughter were inside.

Baker “told me to drop this off, “Forman said when he was confronted by law enforcement.

Police found a chilling note that Forman left on the scene along with some files and photos.

Forman was released after posting a $5,000 but is denied to approach the politician’s home and he has a GPS monitoring device to locate him.