Death pact: Elderly couple shot dead had agreement to leave world together

3 month ago

Colorado Springs news, Colorado news.

The family and loved ones of a New Mexico couple have reported them missing a week ago when they didn’t return home from a Colorado trip.

Lee and Stella Vigil, ages 73 and 72 respectively, would hours later be found dead from apparent gunshot wounds near the Santa Fe Trail.

Investigators believe the elderly pair had planned to die together before they left to hike and said that they seized evidence confirming their claims.

Autopsy results also concluded Lee’s death was a suicide while his wife was shot dead moments prior to him.

The motive behind the tragic murder-suicide remains unclear, police said adding that the only certain information is that there was an agreement “between Mr. and Mrs. Vigil to end their lives together.”

The remains were located by a search team and the couple’s relatives who helped law enforcement scouring the area in Colorado Springs.