Argument over milk ends in bloody stabbing between cousins

4 month ago

Lee County news, Florida news.

Florida authorities responded to a Lee County home where a man had brutally stabbed his cousin following an argument over which kind of milk is better.

The incident occurred on September 27 when 30-yar-old Justin Garcia and his cousin entered in a futile debate over whole milk and almond milk and didn’t get along.

At some point, an infuriated Garcia punched his arguer in the face prompting the latter to respond with other punches before the suspect grabbed a three-inch pocket knife and slashed his cousin’s torso.

Someone at the home held the assailant back as they waited for police. Garcia claimed he acted in self-defense when the victim came at him with a stick describing his relative as someone who “thinks he’s better than the whole family.”

Garcia was charged with aggravated battery.