4 arrested in murder of Iowa ‘gentle giant’ man found ablaze at local ditch

1 month ago

Kellogg news, Iowa news.

Four people have been busted over the death of a 44-year-old Iowa man who had been strangled to death, wrapped in cloths, and lit on fire last week.

The remains of Michael Williams were found in flames near a Kellogg Park on Sept. 16. Williams was described as a “gentle giant” who struggled with unemployment and diabetes.

The preliminary investigation found that Williams was murdered the day before, nearly 10 miles away from where he was tossed. The Grinnell resident was allegedly killed and burned by four suspects that lived in the same area.

31-year-old Steven Vogel, an acquaintance of the victim, was charged with first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse in connection with the case.

Julia Cox, 55, Roy Lee Garner, 57, and Cody Johnson, 29 were hit with several charges including being an accessory, abuse of a corpse, and destroying evidence.

“Evidence and statements gathered during this investigation have shown that Mr. Williams and Vogel were known acquaintances who often socialized within the same circle of friends,” special agent Adam DeCamp said.

Williams leaves behind his parents, five siblings, five children, and an infant granddaughter. The motive of the crime was not revealed.