One woman dead, another raped at gunpoint when they went to clean suspect’s Texas home

1 month ago

Liberty County news, Texas news.

A manhunt is underway for a 59-year-old Texas suspect accused of abducting two women who came to clean his house over the last weekend.

Jose Marin Soriano was identified as the suspect who lured the two women into his Liberty County residence where he threatened them at gunpoint.

One of them managed to flee using a parked car that ultimately crashed and burst into flames. She appeared to have been shot before escaping the house.

The other woman was found chained into the bed with a rope around her neck. Detectives said that she was assaulted and raped at gunpoint before stealing Soriano’s phone and calling 911.

The victim was extremely traumatized and rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Her identity and that of her friend were not publicly revealed.

Soriano is still at large according to authorities. He is believed to be “armed and dangerous” and driving a gray Ford pickup truck.

Anyone with information about Soriano’s whereabouts is asked to call 936-336-4500 or the Crime Stoppers office on 1-800-392-STOP (7867).