Heroic 6-year-old boy helps severely injured dad call 911 after witnessing mom’s murder at hands of armed robbers

1 month ago

Indianapolis news, Indiana news.

A 6-year-old Indiana boy is hailed a hero after helping his severely injured dad call 911 when burglars attacked him and the boy’s mom on Thursday.

The son of Wilma and Jonathan Hochstetler was able to hide inside his parents' car while gunmen stole their wallets and phones in Indianapolis.

“At that time, two individuals walked up on them. Wilma saw them coming and yelled to Jonathan, but it was too late,” a family friend said.

“The robbed them of Wilma’s phone and both of their wallets and were walking away, and they turned around and came back and just point-blank shot Wilma and then Jonathan.”

When the suspects fled the scene, the child rushed to his injured dad’s side and handed him his phone to call the police.

“I guess as a 6-year-old boy, you don’t realize what really happened. ‘Mom’s gonna get up again.’ He doesn’t realize that his mom is gone.”

The father who was shot in the neck survived surgery and will have three of his vertebrae fused together as a result of his injuries.