‘I’ll keep dropping bodies until you give me death’: Convicted murderer threatens judge after killing fellow inmate

1 month ago

Indianapolis news, Indiana news.

An Indiana defendant rejected a plea deal to save his life and asked the judge personally to be sentenced to death.

This is what Tommy P. Holland has exactly done during a Tuesday court appearance telling the judge he’ll “continue to drop bodies until you give me the death penalty.”

Holland rejected a plea deal with prosecutors that would add him a third life sentence in exchange for a guilty plea in the murder of fellow inmate Clifford Baggett.

Baggett, 28, was ill-omened enough to be put in the same cell with Holland who is convicted of two murders. The cellmate was stabbed 10 times and killed at the Pendleton Prison cell.

“In 27 years as a defense attorney I’ve never had that happen before,” lawyer Bryan Williams said. “I believe he is mentally competent. He will be a problem for the Department of Corrections.”

The prosecution is however reluctant to request the death sentence because it would cost consequent taxpayer money. They are planning to recommend Holland spend one year in solitary confinement then be returned to the jail population.