North Carolina toddler dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound with three relatives nearby

1 month ago

Fayetteville news, North Carolina news.

Authorities in North Carolina are investigating the shooting death of a toddler that appears accidental for the moment but raised many suspicions.

The unidentified boy, 2-year-old, was home with three family members including two adults and a teenager when he opened fire at himself on Wednesday morning.

On Saturday, authorities the toddler had passed away at the UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill but the investigation into his death continues.

“I don’t have any information as to how the child was shot at this point,” Fayetteville police Lt. Gary Womble said.

“The detectives are working that angle to find out because we want to know certainly what happened to the child so that’s what they’re learning right now.”

Last year, the boy’s father identified as Alonzo Hurtado was gunned down inside his car and the investigation over his murder remains underway.