Cannibal boyfriend convicted of murder of ex-girlfriend, eating vital organs

1 month ago

Jeffersonville news, Indiana news.

The boyfriend of a 46-year-old Indiana woman who was fatally stabbed in 2014 and had her vital organs removed and cooked was reportedly convicted Friday by a grand jury of the horrific murder.

During the initial investigation, 39-year-old Joseph Oberhansley admitted stabbing Tammy Jo Blanton several times and eating some of her organs but he has later changed his claims and said two burglars broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home on Sep. 11, 2014, and slaughtered her.

At his testimony, Oberhansley who has not named an attorney to represent him said that he didn’t know the identities of the home invaders or why they brutally beat Blanton so hard that she was left unresponsive before they ate her lung, heart, and brain.

Police found the deceased body of Blanton in the bathtub of her Jeffersonville house. She had numerous injuries in the mouth, chest, fingers, and throat. She was stabbed at least 25 times.

Prosecutors said that Oberhansley broke into the victim’s home and attacked her in the bathroom where she was hiding. He fatally stabbed her and cut her organs with an electric jigsaw then he cooked and ate them.

While searching Blanton’s property, investigators recovered items such as a bloody knife, a frying pan, and several utensils.