Tennessee man allows court to seek death penalty in murder, dismemberment of parents

1 month ago

Knoxville news, Tennessee news.

The Tennessee man accused of murdering and dismembering the bodies of his parents back in 2016 has given the court permission to seek capital punishment against him even though the prosecution didn’t plan to do.

32-year-old Joel Michael Guy Jr. is facing two counts of first-degree murder, and two counts of abuse of a corpse and felony murder over the slayings of Michael Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy.

The couple’s other children had just left their parents’ home following Thanksgiving when the unemployed Joel attacked them and mutilated their bodies.

Their torsos were tossed in plastic bins, the father’s hands were thrown in the bedroom while the mom’s head was in a pot on the stove.

Investigators believe the killer spent at least one night at the bloody scene before leaving to Baton Rouge where he used to live.

The motive of the crime was reportedly the parents’ plan to cut off the financial aid they provided to the alleged murder. In his room, a notebook had schemes of the grisly crime.

Guy Jr.’s said he is not guilty and ready to afford death punishment if convicted.