Standout fellow Alabama college student arrested in death of sophomore: ‘be cautious on who you call your friend’

1 month ago

Montgomery news, Alabama news.

Less than a week after the grisly discovery of his slain body, Montgomery Police announced the arrest of a famous college student who is accused of killing Adam Dowdell near his Alabama University campus.

Details surrounding the 22-year-old’s shooting death have not been entirely released but authorities identified the main suspect as Ivry Hall, 20.

Hall made local headlines two years ago when he became his high school valedictorian. The standout student was hailed a hero for surpassing his early parents’ deaths and escaping the crime and violence’ life he faced at a young age in Chicago’s Southside.

“The circumstances surrounding the shooting are unknown however; Hall was identified as the suspect. There is no additional information available for release in connection to this continuing investigation,” police said.

Dowdell’s remains were located a couple of blocks away from his dormitory at the Alabama State University last Monday. He was reported missing a week before and was last seen leaving with a friend to withdraw cash from an ATM.

“Make sure the person you call your friend is really your friend,” Dowdell’s grieving mom told students at a candle vigil. “Be cautious on who you call your friend. Everybody that smiles in your face is not your friend. You have to limit yourself, limit the people who know you’re A to your Z.”

Hall, who had won a Trust for Educational Scholarship by ASU, has been charged with murder. He is being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility.