Florida mom drowns child in hotel bathtub before going to swim in lake repeating ‘God forgive me’

1 month ago

Orlando news, Florida news.

A Florida mom was ordered to be mentally evaluated after she was found swimming in a local lake, repeatedly saying “God forgive me.”

Shortly later, authorities discovered her unresponsive child at a nearby hotel bathtub. The 6-year-old identified as Avion Borner was apparently drowned by his mom.

Further investigation revealed that 26-year-old Labreaunne Wilson left the Orlando hotel on Wednesday morning dragging Avion to the lake before returning later without the boy.

Half an hour later, she returned to the lake and came back with Avion who appeared wet and motionless.

People called 911 police later to report Wilson swimming in the lake and acting bizarrely.

Avion was found foaming in the bathtub and died at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital. His mother is being held at the Orange County Jail without bond.