Florida woman killed, buried husband in backyard before remarrying above same spot

1 month ago

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A heartless Florida woman has allegedly confessed to burying her slain husband’s body in their home backyard where she remarried years later, authorities said.

37-year-old Laurie Shaver was charged with second-degree murder of Michael Shaver who vanished in 2015.

The Disney World’s employee was complaining about his wife to fellow colleagues and claimed she was after his insurance money.

In 2018, a friend of Michael reported him missing and requested a welfare check onto his residence. There, Shaver denied having any information about him.

Michael’s remains were located later in the backyard beneath a concrete slab where she and her new husband have etched their initials during their wedding ceremony.

“He’s no longer walking this earth,” Laurie once told her husband speaking about Michael, according to investigators.

Laurie continued to use Michael’s social media accounts for years to lure his relatives away from his murder, telling them he wanted to be left alone after starting a new life in Georgia.