Former Arlington cop indicted in wrongful death of mom-of-3 shot during welfare check

1 month ago

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On Sept. 16, a 26-year-old former Texas cop was indicted for criminally negligent homicide by a Tarrant County grand jury for shooting dead a woman amid a welfare-check in 2019.

Ravi Singh was responding to a 911 call reporting an intoxicated woman on a grassy area near the intersection of Cantor Drive and North Collins Street.

As he arrived, a dog attacked him prompting him to discharge his gun and unwillingly hit Margarita Brooks, 30-year-old, at least once in the chest.

Camera surveillance caught the ex-Arlington Police Department officer asking the victim if an unrestrained pooch belonged to her then he could be heard screaming “Get back!” and opening fire three times as the dog approached him.

The mother of three yelled: “Oh my God – the police shot me!” She was transported to a nearby medical facility where she was declared dead.

Her relatives were satisfied by Singh’s indictment: “We are pleased that the Tarrant County Grand Jury has returned an indictment for the officer who killed Maggie,” they stated.

“Officers responding to welfare checks should not be so quick to use their deadly weapons in situations that do not call for use of force.”

“Our hope is not only that this officer is held responsible for Maggie’s death, but that the Arlington Police Department is also held accountable for its lack of training and procedures in responding to welfare checks,” they added.