California boy, 7, brain dead after being attacked by mom, boyfriend: ‘He’s not going to make it’

1 month ago

Modesto news, California news.

A California boy was placed on life-support as doctors wait for his biological father to come from Texas and see him for the last time and say “he won’t make it.”

The tragic story of the 7-year-old boy started when his biological mom, Jovonna Cruz, came nearly a year ago to reclaim his custody from her own mother and denied relatives from interfering, the victim’s aunt said.

“My mom was taking care of him from the day he was born until a year ago when she left my mom’s home,” Brandy Blackwell said.

“She tried to get my sister to sign over custody to her, but my sister refused and threatened that if my mom took her to court, she would never see either one of the kids again.”

35-year-old Cruz and her boyfriend, Eyvar Rivera, 41, allegedly abused the child who sustained serious injuries on different parts of his body.

“They cannot officially pronounce it yet, but they don’t think he’s going to make it,” Blackwell said. “The doctors say his body is too weak to fight, his body went to long without oxygen and now has no brain activity.”

Blackwell said that doctors believe the boy’s condition is so desperate that he may not survive until his dad comes to see him on Friday.