Virginia man caught on video robbing military vet as he suffered fatal heart attack on bus

1 month ago

Richmond news, Virginia news.

A Virginia military veteran has suffered a fatal heart attack and a surveillance camera caught a fellow passenger stealing his wallet.

Raymond Bass was agonizing on a GRTC bus from a heart condition while heading to a hospital appointment.

But instead of getting help, Bass was approached by a 20-year-old man, later identified as Damontea Chappell, who kicked the elderly man’s foot and saying: “Hey, pops.”

After verifying the man was dead, Chappell searched Bass’s wallet and stole his cash.

“The scum of the earth, bottom feeders, and there’s a lot out here among us,” Bass’s niece said. “Calling him pops as if he knew him. He wasn’t trying to help him at all. You could see he was actually kicking him to make sure he wasn’t moving and dead before he went into his wallet.”

The death of the former Air Force mechanic shocked his family, his niece: “My dad’s deceased so he was like a dad to me. He was a family man, a very devoted family man. He’d do anything for his family, his loved ones.”