Aunt’s boyfriend who ‘mercilessly’ killed 2 children with hammer says they both planned the murders

6 days ago

Melrose news, Florida news.

The Florida suspect who murdered his girlfriend’s nephews using a knife and a hammer while their mom and other sibling slept elsewhere at the home claims he isn’t the sole suspect in the case.

30-year-old Mark Wilson Jr. was taken into police custody after the gruesome discovery of the lifeless bodies of brothers Robert Baker, 12, and Tayten Baker, 14, at their Melrose home.

At the scene, a bloody hammer and knife were found. Investigators believe the victims were peacefully sleeping when they were butchered to death.

Wilson is the boys’ aunt's boyfriend. The couple was living at the home’s shed at the time of the crime. The victims’ dad, who is a truck driver, wasn’t home on that fateful day.

“The Baker family did a lot to help these two individuals and, unfortunately, it ended in the brutal death of Robert and Tayten. We’re grieving, along with the family,” police said.

In a recorded call, Wilson can be heard confessing to a witness that the slaying was planned by both him and his girlfriend and that he was upset she didn’t accomplish her part by killing the sleeping mom and toddler.

Wilson faces the death penalty over the gruesome, “merciless” killings. His girlfriend was not named a suspect in the case.