Man calls 911 to report what looked like baby-doll on the roadside; Police discover dead toddler

6 days ago

Benton news, Arkansas news.

Authorities in Arkansas said that they responded to a 911 call about something that looked like a doll on the side of a road to find out it was actually a young child’s lifeless body.

The Arkansas State Police were called to exit 177 at I-30 on Tuesday at around 9 a.m. and went to the scene to conduct a welfare check.

According to Christa Petty, the Benton Police Department Spokeswoman, the caller was a driver who spotted the corpse and believed it was a “baby doll.”

The preliminary information showed that the victim may have been tossed out of a moving car but the official cause of death is being investigated.

The age and identity of the child are still being determined. More details are expected to be released at a later time.