Alabama University student who vanished on way to ATM found dead near campus

4 month ago

Montgomery news, Alabama news.

An Alabama State University student has been discovered dead near campus after days of disappearance, according to Montgomery police.

The body of 22-year-old Adam Dowdell Jr. was located blocks away from the college campus on Monday afternoon.

Dowdell was last seen alive on Wednesday after leaving for an ATM with a friend. The following day, friends sent text messages to his mom notifying her of his disappearance.

“We all had hoped for a different outcome,” the University President Quinton T. Ross Jr. said. “Losing a student is always difficult, and the Hornet Nation is in mourning over his death.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with Adam’s mother and the rest of his family and friends as they face this tragic loss.”

Dowdell was a sophomore majoring in physical education at the Alabama State University. Officials said that they will provide counseling to fellow students over Dowdell’s passing.