Suspect arrested in 1984 murder case of NY teenager girl: ‘It’s finally over’

1 month ago

Melbourne news, Florida news.

Rochester authorities have solved a cold case that remained mysterious for 36 years after identifying a suspect and arresting him on Friday.

14-year-old Wendy Jerome went on Thanksgiving Day in 1984 to her best friend’s home to offer her a birthday card and never returned.

Her body was found tossed by a large dumpster and detectives described that her death was for the least, brutal.

“Honestly, the extent of the injuries is too horrendous to talk about here,” Rochester Police Capt. Frank Umbrino said.

For years, investigators had been working tirelessly to identify a suspect until evidence collected from the crime scene hinted to some of 56-year-old Timothy Williams’ relatives thanks to the DNA profile analysis.

The suspect was arrested in Florida and charged with murder over Jerome’s death.

“It’s finally over,” Marlene Jerome, Wendy’s mom said. “Our family can go on with their lives. I just wish my husband was alive to see this. He died in 2011 and I know he’s up there, with her, smiling.”