Alarming: Boy, 12, brings three guns to school days after gunning down family’s chihuahua

1 month ago

Callahan news, Florida news.

A Lighthouse Christian School student is facing three felony counts of illegal possession of a firearm for bringing three handguns, with one of them loaded with .380 caliber ammo, to his classroom.

The discovery was made on Sep. 10 by Gabriel Dean Lewis Standford’s teacher who called staff after she spotted the 12-year-old boy carrying two heavy lunchboxes and acting bizarrely: “The teacher asked the student to see his lunchbox and he reluctantly allowed her. She discovered the butt of a gun and turned it over to the principal,” a copy of Standford’s arrest report revealed.

Cops also found additional ammunition and some brutal drawings inside the boy’s desk: “While interviewing the student a second time, the staff was conducting a search of his desk. Inside his desk was a drawing of a man outside of a school with guns. The man was surrounded by several dead bodies, covered in red marker indicating blood.”

Despite being a juvenile, police released the child’s identity due to the serious charges that he faces: “Bringing a weapon to school results in immediate suspension or expulsion and in this kind of case, it will always be expulsion, so we’re working on that now,” the school principal told reporters.

During the investigation, Standford’s mom said that her son “recently accidentally killed the family Chihuahua with a pellet rifle when he was unsupervised.”

“When you look at the killing of a family pet, you look at some of the drawings that were found in the kid’s desk, it is alarming,” Sheriff Bill Leeper said.