Dad watched on as stepmom starved, beat, and killed boy during pandemic: ‘She had access to him all day long’

one year ago

Meridian news, Idaho news.

An Idaho boy passed away this week after succumbing to months of extreme torture and starvation during the coronavirus lockdown inflicted by a heartless stepmom that provided gruesome details of her crime.

Emrik Osuna, 9, was found dead on Tuesday night at his family’s Meridian apartment after suffering what detectives described as “horrific torture.” His heart wasn’t beating and he was covered in large bruises and vomit. His stepmom, Monique Osuna, 27, told detectives she beat him with a frying pan and a dog leash that was “heavier than a belt.”

The father, Erik Osuna said that his late son was only fed rice and water during the long weeks of torture: “Due to COVID, she’s been working from home and since he was not in school, she had access to him all day long,” prosecutor Tamara Kelly said.