Man dies in police custody after being detained for stabbing woman.

one year ago

A Cohasset man arrested for allegedly attacking and stabbing a woman he met on Tinder, the 25-year-old died after being taken into police custody in Cohasset Thursday night.

The man has been identified as Erich Stelzer, he died on the way to a hospital after police used a Taser in an effort to subdue him after he was found on top of a woman and repeatedly stabbing her.

The district attorney’s office said the woman sustained extensive stabbing and slashing injuries.

“In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset police officers used tasers to subdue Stelzer,” the district attorney’s office said. “The female victim was able to escape from Stelzer and was taken to a local area hospital for treatment.”

Details of her medical condition weren’t immediately available and her name was not disclosed.

Stelzer was immediately provided medical attention by EMTs but became unresponsive on his way to the hospital, according to authorities.

Harry Stelzer, Erich’s father, says he feels sorry for the victim but has consulted with an attorney because he feels the police went too far in subduing his son.

“Now aren’t they tough enough to put him in handcuffs? Tase him two times? Put him in a state of mind where he has no control over his bodily functions and then just handcuff him?”

Authorities said an autopsy will determine the cause of Stelzer’s death. The investigation is continuing, the district attorney’s office statement said.