Police officer shot and killed innocent woman after mistaking her with the suspect.

one year ago

Officer shot and killed a woman after mistakenly chasing the wrong car. San Jose's Police Chief justified the officer's action on Thursday and blamed the victim's suspicious movements.

24-year-old Jenny Vasquez of San Jose was killed while officers were investigating a shooting in the city. Witnesses told police the shooting suspect was driving a white sedan.

Police followed a white Toyota Camry that was being driven by Vasquez and soon discovered the car had been reported stolen. Vasquez’s family have disputed the claim and said she was driving a friend’s car. Police said Vasquez led them on a high-speed chase which ended after she crashed into a fence.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that the woman did not obey orders from the officers.

"The suspect driver then rammed the patrol car with the Toyota using it as a deadly weapon and causing four officers to fire in an attempt to stop the driver," Garcia said.

Vasquez was shot and killed and the passenger, Linda Bueno, 28, of San Jose, was transported to the hospital with injuries.

Garcia said officers discovered later that Vasquez had nothing to do with the shooting. Police have not immediately released any information about the initial shooting.

Vasquez's parents are questioning police's use of force against two women.

The District Attorney and the San Jose Police homicide unit are conducting a joint investigation which will also be monitored by the Independent Police Auditor, SJPD Internal Affairs, and the City Attorney's office.

The four officers are on a routine, paid administrative leave during the investigation. The family Thursday released a list of demands including the release of body-camera footage from the police officers.