Police say former Lehigh University student accused of poisoning his black roommate. He then tried to flee the country.

one year ago

According to the police, Yukai Yang, 22, a former student of Lehigh University, a Chinese national, is accused of poisoning his roommate in Pennsylvania, and also of attempting to flee to avoid prosecution. He was then arrested Friday by immigration officials.

The police announced that Mr. Yang had deposited a cash deposit the week before. He was planning to return home to China.

Yang poisoned his roommate by mixing food and drinks with deadly chemicals, including thallium, a product used in rat poison.

According to the authorities, Yang, a specialist in chemistry. He planned to kill Juwan Royal, his roommate, slowly and discreetly, but roommate started vomiting, shaking, and feeling dizzy. Royal managed to get to a local hospital where he tested positive for thallium but he's still suffering from the physical symptoms of this poisoning.