Manhunt for Texas ‘cannibal’ who butchered horses to eat flesh leaving police ‘just speechless’

1 month ago

Pearland news, Texas news.

A horse perpetrator is terrorizing farmers around Pearland, Texas after a string of horrifying and disturbing horse’ slaughters that left police “just speechless” according to residents.

The murderer has butchered five horses since last May with the latest victims found Saturday tied to trees and hacked apart. The animals’ owner told investigators his fence was cut.

“The two horses were discovered dead and butchered about half a mile away on adjacent land. They were found with their backstraps and hindquarters removes,” police.

Jason Bockel was also targeted on June 10. His two beloved horses, Goldie and Sugar, were abducted before his son discovered the slaughtered Goldie near the home. The flesh was sliced off the remains.

“Nobody should ever have to go through that and see what I seen,” the boy said.