9 dead, 25 wounded in Chicago

2 months ago

Chicago news.

Reports said that over the weekend, in Chicago, a series of shootings caused the death of nine people and wounded 25 others. July has been the most violent month this year, as shootings and murders doubled compared to the same period last year.

On Friday evening, Janari Ricks, a 9-year-old who was playing with his friends, lost his life after being hit in the chest by a man who shot him. Chicago Police Department Chief of Operations Brian McDermott said that Ricks “was an unintended target," and now a $4,000 reward is being offered for information about the person who pulled the trigger.

“While our city has made progress in reducing violence in recent weeks, all of that is lost when we lose another child to gun violence,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted following the incident.

Chicago has also witnessed attacks during the weekend, as a drive-by shooting happened Sunday afternoon in Englewood causing the death of a woman who was found on Saturday with gun wounds in her back.

Another person was killed and four were injured during a party in a backyard Saturday morning.

Authorities said that two men from the shooting scene were arrested. One of them is facing two felony charges of assault as he pointed out his gun at a police officer.

In total, there were 105 murders reported across Chicago this July, an increase of 139 percent from the 44 reported during the same month last year. Shootings rose 75 percent, from 232 to 406.