Cop accused of stealing guns, items from deadly crime scene

2 months ago

Maryland news.

After his boss received word that he "may have stolen firearms and other property” from a house where his colleagues were conducting an investigation because of a death, a Maryland police officer is now facing numerous theft charges.

A five-year veteran of the Anne Arundel County Police Department, identified as Cpl. Jacob Miskill, was arrested Friday and suspended without pay stemming from the late April incident.

"The actions of this individual are contrary to the sacred oath that we as Police Officers take to protect and serve our community and to uphold the laws of the state of Maryland,” Chief William Lowry said in a statement. “This Officer’s criminal actions tarnish the badge worn by every Anne Arundel County Police Officer and the actions are inexcusable.”

The department said that Chief Lowry received information that Miskill might have taken firearms and other property while conducting an investigation in a house in Pasadena, where there was a deadly crime scene.

Miskill was taken into custody after an investigation was carried out, and Miskill's own home was searched through a search and seizure warrant.

Authorities didn't publicly report what they found in the officer's home, however, they charged him with three counts of theft and misconduct in office, in addition to other crimes.

"When a police officer uses the authority bestowed by the badge to facilitate criminal activity of any kind, that officer is undermining law enforcement everywhere,” County Executive Steuart Pittman said. “This cannot and will not be tolerated.”