Man arrested for shooting during an 8-year-old son's funeral

2 months ago

Davenport news, Iowa news.

Police said that a suspect was arrested and charged after a man was allegedly shot in the parking lot of an eastern Iowa funeral home, where his 8-year-old son's funeral was being held. Authorities said that the son died of cancer.

On Saturday morning, Jeramie Shorter, 26, was shot outside Weerts Funeral Home in Davenport and later died. The man was there to attend the funeral of Jermier Leon Shorter.

Authorities said that they didn't find any motive yet behind the shooting.

According to police, officers saw the suspect in an Infiniti sedan without plated and tried to pull the car over. However, the car increased its speed and ran away. Police disengaged fearing that chasing the man might injure bystanders and cause fear within residential areas.

The suspect, who fled on foot, was found later and arrested. Identified as Nuemonei Tre Vonne Laster, 24, the suspect was seen throwing away a bag containing a gun over a fence during the chase. The man is normally forbidden from carrying a gun because of previous charges in 2018.

On Sunday, Laster was in court on charges of first-degree murder, eluding, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and interference with a weapon. He is being held on a $300,000 cash bond.