Grandmother outs her grandsom for throwing bomb at the Federal Courthouse in Portland

2 months ago

Portland news, Oregon news.

According to reports, a Portland protester was turned to police by his own grandmother as she recognized him by the protective vest he was wearing and that could be recognized in video footage.

A demonstrator was filmed throwing an explosive device at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. Police said that the device exploded repeatedly and created a concussion that could be “heard and felt more than a block away."

Karla Fox, 69, said she had recognized the vest she bought for her grandson, Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill. The vest was green and had the word "ICONS" printed on it.

“I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest,” Fox said. She added that her grandson told her he was peacefully protesting and “protected a girl.”

Fox said her grandson is currently on probation for a felony conviction when he was a minor, the Daily Mail reported. She said he spent the past two years at the Rogue Valley Youth Correctional Facility in southern Oregon and recently talked of turning his life around and getting a job at Amazon.