Travesty after judge sentenced foster mom to one-year in prison for blunt force death of toddler

2 months ago

Roosevelt news, Utah news.

A Utah foster mother has been ordered to serve one year behind bars for the death of a 2-year-old boy she was caring for in 2018.

Lisa Jo Vanderlinden obtained a plea deal after admitting she acted “reckless” on that fateful night and didn’t seek medical help at the right time. Prosecutors said that many witnessed were present when Vanderlinden got frustrated over little Lucas Call after he vomited during a family dinner and many of them heard her beating him in the bathroom. The boy died from blunt force trauma injuries.

“It’s a travesty and undermines the confidence of the public in our justice system’s ability to protect kids from abuse and homicide,” Att. Gen. Sean Reyes said.

Vanderlinden who had fostered 40 other children without incidents will have to serve 14 years on probation.