One San Francisco officer stabbed in face; 2 others burned with chemicals in separate incidents

2 months ago

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San Francisco Police officers have been the targets of assailants over the last week with a sergeant stabbed in the face and two others chemically burned in a separate incident across the city.

40-year-old Mike Anderson was apprehended after he allegedly knifed a sergeant’s face during a foot pursuit. The victim was along with two colleagues that arrested Anderson and sought medical help for him. He received eight stitches in the face as a result of the attack.

Nearly a week later, a dispute involving two families on Friday ended with two officers burned with chemicals after they intervened to break up the fight. Regina Cole, 29, and Tyresha Blake, 23, were charged with assault with caustic chemicals.

“Recent attacks on San Francisco officers are unacceptable and merit most aggressive response,” Chief Bill Scott said.