Florida mom gunned down while filming rap video with friends

2 months ago

Wimauma news, Florida news.

A 23-year-old Florida mom was shot dead by one of her friends as they filmed a rap video depicting a kidnapping scene over the last weekend.

When Haley Cox, her boyfriend, Erik Bronowski, 22, and the suspect Jordan Silver showed up at rapper Giovinie Bosques residence, Silver had a black semiautomatic on him and was acting bizarrely.

The four friends headed to a field to film the video near a power line easement. Bronowski and Bosques were preparing the scene and Cox handled the camera when Silver shot her in the face.

The woman dropped the camera as she fell to the ground. Silver continued shooting at the three others who sustained several gunshot wounds.

Silver was charged with second-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges. He remains on a $502,000.